4 Tips on staying motivated in a start-up business

When I had just opened the Bakery shop, I had a guy walk in and start advising me on how it was a really bad idea to open the shop in the location that I opened it. He said I would not be able to meet my expenses and I should instead changed my business and start offering other services.

As an entrepreneur, as brave and courageous as we may seem, we are constantly second guessing ourselves and having doubts. A good entrepreneur just learns to deal with it, think positive and find solutions to current challenges. However, it is very tough to take such criticism, especially since I’m personally very hard on myself. So of course, that day I went home depressed and doubtful. I have however come up with a few things I do, or think about, in order to deal with such difficult situations and get through them with a positive attitude. I hope these tips will help you as well:

1. Have a close friend, relative or mentor to talk to in doubtful times.

I am lucky to have a very close and supportive sister who is also a business partner. She is not very active in the business operations but she is very vital in my decision making and accounting activities. When I’m having doubts, I talk to her and she listens and then helps me or reminds me my original goal and vision. She is also very good at listening especially when I’m venting about something or someone business related ^_^. If you have that someone, please talk to them especially when things are going bad and you need to find your center and focus.


Talk to someone close to you (Image courtesy: madamenoire.com)


2. Have an awesome inspirational music playlist ready.

Sometimes when you’ve had one of those days, you just need to listen to really good music that speaks to you and motivates you. I sometimes don’t really want to talk about what is bothering me in the business, I just want to listen to some awesome music and dance my troubles away!


dance your troubles away (courtesy:1000awesomethings.com)

So do that! A few of my current fav inspirational songs & artists? Glad you asked, hehe ^_^:

  • Beyonce (you know u love her songs) – “I was here”, “Get me  Bodied”, “End of Time”, “Check On It” etc.
  • Christina Arguilera: “Red Hot Kinda love”, “Light up the sky”, “Make the world move”, “Let there be love”, “Around the world” etc (yes, I’m really into her Lotus Album)
  • “Fighter” – Gym Class Heroes

To name a few…

3. Follow inspirational websites and/or blogs:

Sometimes you just need to hear or read from other start-up or successful entrepreneurs out there. I personally follow business blogs as well as inspirational blogs about business. Currently my personal favorite is addicted2success.com, it has awesome quotes, pics and articles for entrepreneurs. Other ones are:

  • www.inc.com – for great business start-up, planning and everything else business advice.
  • Projecteve.com – for inspiration as a women whether in business or in a career. Great tips on business, business fashion & business lifestyle.
  • Hubspot.com – As crazy as this sounds, I love this inbound marketing site and their blog. It offers so much free, very helpful information that when I read it, it motivates me to get back on that marketing horse and get back to work.
  • Sweetapolita – She is a beautiful lady who bakes beautiful cakes and I can only hope to bake like her one day. Her yummy cakes & pics make me very happy and inspire me ^_^

4. Remember why you started your business in the first place.

Sometimes in all the stress, we entrepreneurs forget the reason, or motivation for why we began our start-ups. If you’re feeling unfocused and doubtful. Go back to when you felt that you had to start your business, the emotions you were feeling and the reasons why. It always centers me and gets me back on track every time!

That’s it for now, I hope that was helpful, it usually is for me.

Do you have any  other tips on staying motivated? Please share ^_^


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