3 Easy Ways to avoid distraction from your business goals

I went to a lovely wedding today for a sister of one of my best friends. It was a joyful and infectious affair (and I got helpful tips on wedding cake ideas of course). I was then invited to go to the after party and I was sooooo tempted to agree. However, I said no and excused myself ( I had to go back to my Bakery – new staff I’m training). I was rather proud of myself but it was very hard since it’s rare to have my best friend ask me to go out with her and she looked awesomely made up (yes, just made that word up). I also really love to socialize and party (and of course go dancing ^_^). However as a start-up entrepreneur, one has to learn self control and discipline. I thought to myself that I should share how I have been working towards ( and actually have been succeeding) staying focused by staying away from distractions that will derail me from my success.

1. Remember your business to-do list.

When someone asks me these days to join them for some fun (e.g. after-parties, party sleep overs etc), I make sure I remember my mental (and mostly written) to-do list; such as Frost 3 birthday cakes for next morning pick-up, call potential investor for fund-raising to add more bakery equipment etc. This brings reality back into focus and you’re able to prioritize very fast (exactly what I did today ^_^).


Prioritize (thepinstripedsuit.com)

2. Avoid the party crowd – they’re very convincing

As an entrepreneur, I’m constantly looking to meet and network with other entrepreneurs, you get to learn a lot from them and hear about their challenges and how they deal with them. I make it a point to interact and surround myself more with entrepreneurs, especially start-up ones. Another reason I do this is that when I spend time with career people, they don’t have the same challenges ( and small, almost non-existent budget) that I do. The are more likely to extend a coffee meet-up to a night out or even a brunch into a shopping spree.


Coffee dates are ok (Courtesy:www.rookie-manager.com)

That is very bad for my personal and business budget as well and I avoid it completely. If you can, spend less time with your employed friends (be nice about it ^_^) and more with entrepreneurs that are less likely to splurge.


Shopping Sprees… soon(courtesy: 123freevectors.com)

3. Have very few (2 or 3) main goals to achieve

The less goals you have to remember or achieve, the better. I sometimes have 2 business goals for the month only (e.g. Hire & train new production staff, focus on online marketing for the business, purchase a bread proofer for the Bakery etc).


Set few goals (courtesy: peerlessgolf.ca)

This will make your focus much more easier as well as stronger until you achieve those set goals. Two goals are also easier to remember than a long list of ten goals per month.

I hope those few, but very important, tips are helpful to you as they are to me.

Cheers and have a great time dancing to music in your bedroom (cuz you can’t even afford to go to a club right now ^_^)

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