New plans for the year 2014

Happy New year to all, I know we’re well into January but I hope you all enjoyed your festivities.
Last year for me was a year of learning, it was a very tough year but I do not regret it at all. It taught me to be strong, to perservere and most of all to stay focused in all my goals.
I apologize since I haven’t been blogging much and that is one of my resolutions this year, to blog more ^_^.
Another resolution is to stay positive despite some set backs that I encountered with my bakery last year. We had expanded to a shop from the home-bakery but towards the end of the year, I realized that the shop was not making a profit and we weren’t able to keep up with the expenses. The logical move was to move back to the home bakery for now and run from there for now. It was a particularly painful but I’m glad to say, brave, decision for me and I do not regret it.
I will also start offering home-baking classes in Nairobi to those who want to learn how to bake and have all the equipment and ingredients in their home kitchen for their convenience. Just go to the Baking Classes page for more information.
Well 2014, I promise I will make sure you will be an amazing and successful year for me ^_^!

Make sure you do to.

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