3 Reasons why you should Improve your business’ customer service in Kenya

Today I’m writing about customer services for two main reasons. The first is the fact that I recently had a very bad customer experience at an Equity Bank – Kawangware Branch. I had an issue to discuss about by business account and it was handled very poorly by that representative. It is not the first time that customer service has been poor there, but it’s the worst case I have dealt with so far. One thing I noticed there is the fact that most of the customer representatives who work there, and even tellers of different departments, is that they all act as if you are disturbing them by asking for their help. Now in Kenya, most of us just ignore it and still come back, but I have decided that I will close that account and look for another bank that will hopefully have better customer service in Kenya.


Sad to say I’m an unsatisfied customer of Equity Bank

The second reason I am addressing this issue is the fact that bad customer service is a norm in Kenya. I think that in this day and age, that is unacceptable. I think that Kenyans have gotten tired and even based on Twitter feeds and Facebook posts I have observed, consumers are getting tired and are in turn, reacting by complaining on social media. Therefore, for any entrepreneur out there running a business or any start-up; I think it’s important to put customer service as your number one priority. I make sure I do the same in by business and I’m constantly getting feedback and communicating with my customers to ensure that my business is servicing them to the best of our ability. Therefore I’ve decided to share with Kenyan entrepreneurs out there, especially the youth entrepreneurs, reasons why they should put customer service as a priority in their business, if they don’t already.

  1. Customers will always complain about bad customer service

    A good example is my complaint above. You may not think that treating your customers in a negative manner will affect your brand, but it does. It is even worse when a customer keeps coming back to address the issue again and it’s addressed in a more negative way than before. I believe that interacting with your customers and listening to them is a great idea. If you have a business that has a sales and/or customer service section, make sure you train your staff properly on how to deal with customer complaints. It is also imperative to ask your customers their feedback after their transactions or purchases.

    Bad Customer Service is common in Kenya

    Bad Customer Service is common in Kenya

    It gives the customer an opportunity to state any complaints or even suggestions or compliments. A solid and effective customer service is a must for any business today especially in Kenya, it will make all the difference to your business, I guarantee that.

  2. It is important to create a positive impression on you Customer

    To create a positive impression to your customer, it is imperative to have great customer service. This impression is left in a customer’s mind and they will always have a positive view of your business and/or brand. This will ensure that the customer will come back for your services and/or products.

    You want to make sure your customers are happy

    You want to make sure your customers are happy

    This will also make them good brand ambassadors for your business brand and will spread the word of your good customer service and great products.

  3. Bad Customer Service can lead to business closure

    It may not seem that way but bad customer service can lead to the closure of your business in the long run.

    Bad customer service leads to no sales and business closure

    Bad customer service leads to no sales and business closure

    How you wonder? Well, if you have bad customer service, customers can decide not to come to your business due to their past negative experiences. Many small businesses have closed due to poor customer service causing very low sales and therefore, they are forced to close because they cannot keep up with expenses. So no matter how large your enterprise is, remember that the reason you exist is to serve your customers. So you should always work hard to serve them well and deal with their complaints and suggestions accordingly and with courtesy.

I hope those three simple yet important reasons make you think on how to prioritize on your customer service for your business. If you would like to add any more reasons below, please feel free to do so.

Thanks ^_^!


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