Volunteering at the Storymoja Hay Festival Nairobi

Since I am volunteering to be one of the Storymoja Hay Festival bloggers for this year, I want to share this blog post by my sister who is also volunteering for the actual Festival preparation. I know this will be fun and can’t wait. Wish me luck y’all ^_^

Light Fiction in Nairobi


The Storymoja Hay Festival

I joined the Volunteer team working the Storymoja Hay Festival for the year 2014.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when we had our first meeting, I was definitely a bit intimidated, and nervous.  In the end, it turned out to be an exciting and fun experience.  The Volunteer team is huge, close to fifty people.  We met on Saturday and spent a few hours getting to know each other.  I fought a few shaky nerves (okay a lot of shaky nerves) when it came to standing up and addressing the room, while talking about myself.  Lol ^_^.  I always end up giving general answers and thinking about them like the next day and going like, ‘Why did I say that?’ ‘What was I thinking?‘  In any case, I’m sure we’ll know each other better by the time the festival comes around.

The Festival…

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