4 Ways to Write For Business

As an entrepreneur, I strongly believe in writing for business. How you wonder? Well, one way is writing for your business blog. In this age of smart phones and accessible internet connectivity, target customers are online most of the time. It’s been reported in research done by the CCK last year April that 44% of Kenya has access to the internet and majority of these users go online using their phones. This information tells us that a majority of shoppers are online; they research brands, products and services online before purchasing. This gives any business in Kenya a platform to target, attract and capture customers online. This kind of online marketing is called inbound marketing, I won’t get into details on what it is exactly, but you can get a clearer definition from this blog post.

There are different ways in which you can write for business in Kenya, but I want to highlight four important ways which will help any entrepreneur in his/her business.

1. Business Blog

A business blog is a great way to start if you want to target a specific kind of customer. By creating content and posting it on your blog, you can attract the right kind of potential customer. A great example is my bakery blog (link -> http://quickbreads.blogspot.com) I want to target individuals who bake at home and are looking for tips on becoming better home-bakers. Therefore, the content I post is about baking equipment, baking tips and some recipes.

Amari Bakery Blog

Amari Bakery Blog

2. Guest Blogging

Being a guest blogger for blogs in your industry whether personal or business blogs, is also a great idea. It gives you a whole new platform to capture your target audience and attract potential customers. It also provides you with a potential of higher traffic to your own blog due to linking.

3. E- Books

This is where your skills as a writer come in handy; you can create an e-book for your target audience. E-books are great to offer potential customers that visit your blog or web pages in return for information (such as; name and contact of potential customers). Depending on which industry you are in, you can offer detailed information in an e-book to your customers that is helpful to them e.g. if you’re a fiction writer: resources on how to write your introductions, character creation, etc.

4. Info graphs

Info graphs are literally diagrams that offer information in form of graphs. They are becoming very popular in many industries as a simple and effective way of communicating data to a particular target audience. So if you want to make a certain point to potential customers, you can create info graphs. A great example is an info graph targeted at budding writers showing the type of books that are being sold to readers of different ages and the different genres they prefer to read.

E-book Infograph (speechbuddy.com)

E-book Infograph (speechbuddy.com)

Those are a few ways of writing for business. If you have any other ideas on ways one can write for business, feel free to comment below please.

This post appeared originally on the Storymoja Hay Festival Blog.

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