5 Ways to Market Your Business Online

In this day and age, any business person or any company that would like to conduct business would be wise to use online marketing as part of their marketing plan. This is because it is highly likely that your target customers are online. This applies to any industry in business; whether you are a writer, photographer, film-maker, blogger, baker, lawyer etc. You can market your business online through various channels; here are five effective ways that a business person can use online.


Social Media

Most people who go online everyday visit their social media pages at least 80% of the time. So it makes sense for a business person to set up business pages on social media sites to attract their customers. You can start with popular sites such as; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google +, among others. You can choose to focus on two or three of these sites depending on your industry and where your target customers mainly visit. An example is a restaurant owner, he or she should focus on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest due to the visual nature of their products. A lawyer can focus on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn because he/she is looking for networking opportunities in his/her business. After you set up your pages, make sure you post daily to keep your audience engaged.

Your customers are engaging on Facebook (Courtesy: wikihow.com)

Your customers are engaging on Facebook (Courtesy: wikihow.com)


Any business that is online should start a business blog. This is a great way of attracting your target market online. This applies to any industry as well; writers, photographers, chefs, bakers, lawyers etc. To attract visitors to your blog, you should post information or visual content relating to your industry, thus attracting an appropriate audience for your products or services. You can start a blog using different blog servers such as Wordpess, Google’s Blogger, if you have visual content, you can start a blog using Flickr or Tumblr. Make sure you post on your blog frequently and consistently, e.g. 2 or 3 times every week.

Bakery Blog

Bakery Blog


As a business online, you should make sure you have a website for your business to post your products, services, prices and pictures. A website is like your online physical location, it represents your business when you’re not there. You can use different domain providers to get a website for your business that they can host for you. Most websites have a annual fee that is quite economical. You can use blogging sites to turn your website into a domain e.g. WordPress or Blogger. You can also use providers such as Google (i.e. Google site builder), KENIC, Safaricom and many more companies that offer the service.


You can use e-mail marketing as well in your business. An easy way is to offer monthly e-mail newsletters to your target audience in which you could offer industry information and coupons or sale discounts as well. A great idea is when an interested audience member chooses to get e-mail notifications for your blog posts; therefore they receive an e-mail every time you post on your blog. You can have pages on your website or post on social media, inviting your target audience to sign up for e-mail newsletters. This is a great way to turn a lead or prospect into an actual customer.

Online Marketing Sites

You can get an account on online marketing sites to sell your products or services. Examples are; Olx, E-Bay, Amazon, Mzoori and many others. You can also choose industry relates sites such as Smashwords for fiction writers that sell e-books. Others such as Cheki for automobile sellers or Jumia for online shoppers. These sites give your business other portals to attract target customers online. Now that you know you can market your business, products or services online in these five effective ways; go and start the necessary business pages you require and start engaging with your target market. Whether you’re a fiction e-book writer, or a chef, a baker, a blogger or even a lawyer, I guarantee you that online marketing is very effective.

This post appeared originally in the Storymoja Hay Festival Blog

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