6 Essential Websites for any Start-up Entrepreneur in Kenya

As a start up entrepreneur, life can be very hectic and one has to look for many ways to manage everyday life and ensure he/she is being productive. As an entrepreneur in Kenya, I have found that there are websites that are essential for everyday success in my small business. I use them everyday and they are vital to my success as a business person. The websites range from inspirational to informational, others are about design and marketing automation. I have shared my top six picks that I believe every start up entrepreneur in Kenya should use to improve their productivity. They are truly helpful to me, I hope they help you as well.

1. Google

Google is a one stop shop for many useful apps & functions

Google is a one stop shop for many useful apps & functions

Google is a great website that helps you in many ways. The much obvious function is Gmail, the email service that Google provides for free. It’s also the way you sign up to any other Google app or service. Google also provides its users with ‘Google Drive’, which is a cloud storage function where the user can save any files and can access them anywhere as long as they sign in to their account. Google also has its own social media platform – Google + which each user has access to as long as they sign in. Another social platform for sharing videos is ‘You Tube’ which is also accessed by Google users. If you have a smart phone, you can also access Google Play Store which is an app store. For directions on different locations, there is Google maps. You can also sign in to Blogger, which is a blog service offered by Google.  I can honestly say that I could not function daily without the different Google services since I use them daily in my business.

2. Canva

Canvas screenprint for KTL Blog

Edit your photos at canva.com

Canva offers picture editing services for free. You can edit your pictures in different ways before sharing them. It allows you to add text, water-mark your blog pictures, crop, add frames, backgrounds and many more functions. I love this website since it’s free and offers many options. You can sign up for a paid version of Canva if you feel it’s worth the investment, especially if your business is mainly visual based or even if you want more access to photo editing features.

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is great for social media management

Hootsuite is great for social media management

Hootsuite is a social media management platform. You can sign up for free and get an account, you can also use your Facebook, Google or Twitter accounts to sign up for it. I especially use it for scheduling posts for my business Twitter accounts. You can also use it to schedule your Facebook posts (however it’s good to know that Facebook also offers you the function of scheduling posts on your business page as well). I like using it because you can also keep track of  any mentions on Twitter about your business. You can also track any hashtags you want to stay updated on. They also have a paid version as your business expands. It offers analytics on all social media pages, you can have more social media pages to track as well as include other team members to run your social media and engage with your customers as well.

4. Bitly

Bitly is great for tracking links

Bitly is great for tracking links

Bitly is a website that offers the service of shortening your links and tracking them as well. It’s a free service and you can sign in using Facebook or Twitter accounts. Bitly shortens your long links for websites or blog posts to assist you especially when posting online. For example, when posting on Twitter, instead of using a long link that will use a lot of much needed character space on your Tweet, you shorten it to something manageable; like this -> http://bit.ly/KTLBlog. As your business grows, you can sign up for the paid version that helps businesses manage and shape their brand as it grows.

5. Hubspot

Hubspot provides advice on Inbound marketing

Hubspot provides advice on Inbound marketing

Hubspot is a company that offers inbound marketing software, you can purchase their software if you have a large online based business (this is definitely my plan as my business grows ^_^). However for those of us who cannot pay for it yet, they offer advice on how to use inbound marketing in your business. I signed up for their newsletters to receive emails on their blog posts everyday. Hubspot is the leader in inbound marketing in the world, they are not only pros on the topic, they have marketing scientists who constantly research and keep track of what is working in the industry. They not only provide great advice on inbound marketing, they even give free e-books, e-mail templates, content calendar templates and many more essential tools used by marketers.  As an entrepreneur who uses inbound marketing in Kenya for my business; I would advice anyone who wants to start or is using inbound marketing to use Hubspot’s resources.

6. Addicted2Success

This is a great motivational website

This is a great motivational website

Addicted2Success is an inspirational website by Joel Brown. It started as a blog to give entrepreneurs inspiration and motivation; it has grown to be a very popular website. I love reading this site because it offers quotes and advice from successful entrepreneurs who share their insight into their lives and motivation. It also offers advice on being a more productive person, thinking for success, picture quotes and other pieces of advice that an entrepreneur constantly needs. You can sign up for the newsletter to receive updates on posts.

I hope the above websites are useful to you as they are to me. If you know of any other websites that are helpful to entrepreneurs in Kenya, please share below.

Keep the faith and achieve success ^_^


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