7 Signs You Are A Kenyan Youth Entrepreneur

It is not always a straight-forward process to becoming an entrepreneur. Sometimes it can take years to decide or get to the point of deciding to become one. It can be certain circumstances that lead you to becoming an entrepreneur in Kenya over a short period of time. It can also be a set of events or activities that prove one is an entrepreneur. So this begs the question, ‘how does one know he/she is an entrepreneur?

For the many youth in Kenya who are not sure if they can become entrepreneurs or are in doubt that they have it in them; here are some signs. These are signs that you may have noticed about yourself, that are guaranteed to prove you are capable of running your own business in Kenya.

You’re employed in a good job and you’re miserable

Miserable at work?

Miserable at work?

If you finished college, looked for a job and are now employed full-time in a ‘good’ job. However, every morning you dread waking up, taking a shower and getting ready for work. Every weekday seems the same; long and filled with the same old routine. You look forward to Saturdays and you hate Sunday evenings since they mean the dreaded Monday is just around the corner. At work, you think of better ways you could be running your own company and building a better organization. It gets unbearable every week and you’re starting to wonder if starting your own business is just the way to go. You’re not sure if you can take the leap but staying at your job seems like a prison of its own. Well, I can tell you for sure, you’re ready to start your own business.

You’re out of college and you don’t want to look for a job

If you’re straight out of college and are expected to look for a job but that isn’t what you really want to do. You have a certain passion in a business idea, to the point of risking any savings you have to start that business. You feel that employment really isn’t for you and instead of spending your time ‘tarmacking’ for a job, you want to spend that time looking for a location for your business and customers to start selling your products or services.

You’re motivated and need to prove your vision

If you have a certain vision for an idea and people around you doubt it, as well as your ability to make it happen. You are not put off by others’ opinion and completely believe in your ability to achieve that vision. You are highly motivated and are wiling to put in the work required to achieve that vision. Then I would say, you’re definitely ready to get that business started.

You’ve noticed a gap in a certain market and have the solution

You've had an 'aha' moment (Courtesy:kurtkoontz.com)

You’ve had an ‘aha’ moment (Courtesy:kurtkoontz.com)

If you have a job in a certain industry and you notice there is a certain product or service you have thought of, and it’s not in the market. You believe you can create the product or offer the service. Get that business idea started right away, before someone else does.

 You feel the need to help people and create jobs for youth

Youth in Kenya (Courtesy:mercycorps.org)

Youth in Kenya (Courtesy:mercycorps.org)

If you are tired of hearing people say there aren’t jobs available for youth in Kenya. You are disappointed that despite the government promising more jobs, you don’t see it happening. You want to help other youth get jobs and be empowered to better their lives. You have a business idea and you know you can get it off the ground and it will help many Kenyan youth. If you’re as motivated to change lives as Lorna Rutto is doing, get that business idea off the ground! 

You hate having a boss and you want to do something you love

If you have a job that you don’t like, maybe it has nothing to do with what you like doing or what you have a passion in. You also notice that you don’t like having a boss to answer to every time. Then this is a great time to start a business that involves an industry in which you have a passion for and you can be your own boss as well in the process.

 You have finished high school and cannot be able to go to college

If your family cannot afford to pay for a university or college education for you after you finish high school. You do not want to look for a job and believe you can start a small business to earn money. If you have a small business idea in which you can get the necessary resources to get started and source for youth funding; get started now.

If you have noticed any of those signs, then you’re an entrepreneur in the making. Research your business idea and plan well, then get started.

This post was originally posted on the Storymoja Hay Festival Blog

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