Blog of the Month for July 2014

As a female entrepreneur in Kenya, I find that time management, efficiency and effectiveness are necessary in my life. Running a start-up in any industry or country is not an easy task. Therefore; start-up entrepreneurs such as myself have to find ways in which one has to be very productive in everyday life in order to run a successful business and have a well-rounded life ( or at least as well-rounded as you can manage ^_^). To do this, I’m constantly looking for apps, websites, blogs e-books and other resources that can help me be better and more efficient at what I do. This is in every aspect of my life as well as my bakery business

Topics that I research and work on vary from being a better blogger, more effective marketing strategies, creating great visual content, being a better baker among other things. When I find good content and resources, I love to share so that many other entrepreneurs, especially in Kenya, can benefit just as I do. I have therefore decided I will start a ‘Blog of the month feature’ to share and highlight the blogs that offer effective resources on different topics and are very helpful to fellow entrepreneurs. Suggestions and comments are very welcome as well ^_^.

For the month of July my feature blog is the Hubspot Blog. I can say that a lot of what I know and implement in inbound marketing is based on what I have learned while reading the Hubspot blog. Not only do they have great content, they are very helpful and share up to date and effective advice on inbound marketing. They also offer numerous e-books you can download in different topics and templates to help you with content planning for your business. If you’re an entrepreneur in Kenya, you need to subscribe to this blog and start reading it at least five times a week (and that’s my minimum recommendation – I read their content daily!)

Hubspot provides advice on Inbound marketing

Hubspot provides advice on Inbound marketing

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