5 Reasons You Should Be Proud To Be A Female Entrepreneur In Kenya

Female entrepreneurs in Kenya face a lot of challenges while doing business and a very high percentage of them end up giving up on doing business. Many succumb to family or social pressures and choose to get married (if they are youth and/or single) for financial security; and for duty (they are told that is what is expected of them). Some just decide to believe that business is a man’s activity and it is too difficult for them. There are even Kenyan women who tell other women doing business, especially when going through tough times, that they should give up on business and find other alternatives. However; there are the select strong, focused and motivated women who continue to be entrepreneurs and persevere in their journey. Having faced (and still facing) many challenges in my continuing journey of entrepreneurship in Kenya; I understand how tough it can be. It’s not very easy to find other women who will applaud and motivate you in your choice to do business. That is why it’s important to be self-driven and motivated. Today however, I’ll be that person ^_^, I want to give you five reasons why I am proud (and therefore you should be too) that you are a female entrepreneur in Kenya. I’ll tell you why you’re so awesome and should keep going because you will only get awesomer (yup – it’s the kind of day where I’m just making up words ^_^)

* It means you are courageous and have a strong character

For anyone to choose to be an entrepreneur (and stay at it), they have to have a strong character. A person who is self-driven, self motivated and is not discouraged easily. This means that you are a woman of great strength, faith and dedication. You are not afraid to take risks to better your life and the lives of those around you. You may be afraid of uncertainties that lie ahead, but you realize that fear should not drive your decisions. You conquer that fear and do what you have to do because you realize it is necessary to achieve success. That makes you such as super woman – you go girl!

Image Credit: margiewarrell.com

Image Credit: margiewarrell.com

* You are a great example for youth out there to look up to, especially girls

Female youth in Kenya need positive women leaders to look up to. The leaders don’t have to be political, work in NGOs or be famous. It can be just a female entrepreneur who works hard not only to be successful in business but to influence the lives around her in a positive way. That just describes you – you can inspire people just by what you do everyday in your life. You can inspire youth because you work hard, you don’t give up, when things are tough or when you fail, you find the strength to keep moving and stay positive. Youth need to see regular women in their area doing just that and they themselves will ask or tell themselves – ‘Even we can do that”, “Why can’t we do the same, we’re no different than her?” So keep up the good work, keep going, stay strong and positive. You don’t know who you are inspiring out there. Somewhere near you, there is a young girl who wants to be just like you – because to her you are super woman ^_^

Inspiring Youth in Kenya (Courtesy:guardian.com)

Inspiring Youth in Kenya (Courtesy:guardian.com)

* This is an opportune time to be an entrepreneur in Kenya

The Kenyan economy is growing and doing very well; it is one of the top five thriving economies in Africa. I believe that it will only get better. So if you are a startup entrepreneur in Kenya, if you continue working hard and working smart; you will be successful in time. As a female entrepreneur, you should be proud to be working in such a growing economy and aspire to better than the day before; for you will achieve success as well. You will also be a pioneer in an economy that is very male-dominated in business. You will be in the group of women that continue to grow and inspire many in business. Now isn’t that a great legacy to leave? You should definitely be proud of yourself lady ^_^!

Nairobi - big part of Kenya's growing economy

Nairobi – big part of Kenya’s growing economy

* You’re creating employment for youth and other women in Kenya

Female entrepreneurs are also necessary in the Kenyan economy because they create employment in their areas. This is good especially for youth and other unemployed women who turn to crime and other negative activities to make money such as prostitution. Therefore by starting and running a successful business, you are improving people’s lives and helping them in their journey to success in their lives as well. That is a truly noble and inspiring thing; you should give yourself a pat in the back – you’re just amazing I tell you – AMAZING!

Create jobs for youth in Kenya (Image: cnn.com)

Create jobs for youth in Kenya (Image: cnn.com)

*You are on your way to financial freedom

Many women wish to be financially independent; but it is not an easy task anywhere in the world, especially in Kenya. Most female entrepreneurs decide to work hard to be successful in order to achieve financial freedom. There are many reasons why it is important and different women have good reasons to be worried about financial freedom. A large percentage of women choose to get married to achieve financial security through spouses they identify to be financial secure. This leads to unhappy marriages and possibly infidelity on both sides. Another reason can be that women can get married believing they have found a perfect and loving spouse for themselves. However; they find that they are unsatisfied and unhappy in their marriages, but cannot leave because they are financially dependent on their husbands. I will be honest a scenario that is rather personal to me is when one spouse dies in the marriage (such as the husband) and the widow is left to take care of her family. My dad died while my siblings and I were still young; fortunately my mum had a secure job but the quality of life still changed considerably. The financial burden can be quite a strain on the widow left behind if they are only relying on a monthly salary. I’m sure many female entrepreneurs have their reasons why they pursue their business goals in order to achieve financial freedom. I am here to tell you to persevere in your journey, be smart and you will be successful. You will definitely achieve financial freedom my fellow entrepreneuress! (my new fav made-up word ^_^)financial-freedom - yassinshaar

So to all of you female entrepreneurs in Kenya, be proud of what you are doing. You are amazing individuals who have the strength of a lion; the roar of a tiger and you will conquer all your challenges and come out as Queens of your world! Work hard, work smart and stay motivated; when you fall – get back up and keep moving. Stay awesome and be the best of yourself that you can possibly ever be. I am proud of you and proud to be one of you as well ^_^.

Rule your world Kenyan ladies!

Rule your world Kenyan ladies!

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