5 Very Weird And Fun Business Ideas That Made Millionaires

When one decides to do business, getting a business idea that is unique is very difficult these days. It seems as if all great business ideas have been implemented. However, once in a while you will hear of an odd or weird business idea that is very unique and it does well. Today I want to feature five great examples of very unique ideas that made the entrepreneurs that started them very rich. Maybe this will inspire you to put that unique idea you’ve been thinking of into action.

1. Microwavable Pillows

This is a very simple idea that was started by a housewife in the U.S. named Kim Lavine. It’s a pillow that can be warmed in the microwave and used to warm a child or even an adult in their bed while sleeping. Kim patented the idea, a Wuvit pillow, and it sold $225,000 in sales in eight weeks. She now has a whole line of home lifestyle products and is currently a millionaire.

Wuvit Pillow (Courtesy: kimlavine.com)

Wuvit Pillow (Courtesy: kimlavine.com)

2. The Hangover Helpers

This is another unique idea in Colorado founded by two university graduates; Marc and Alex. It is a business that helps people, especially college students, deal with the morning after a hangover. They help you clean up the house, bring you a drink (Gatorade) and a snack (a Burritto) to help with the dehydration and hunger the next morning. The two are now making money from the unique idea.

Party Cleanup (helpinghangovers.com)

Party Cleanup (helpinghangovers.com)

3. I Do Now I Don’t

This is another unique business idea that offers people the platform to re-sell their engagement rings for a better price if they don’t use them. It was a business idea by Joshua Opperman and his sister; after Joshua’s fiancée had decided she didn’t want to get married and returned her engagement ring to him. They make annual sales of about $ 4.2 billion.

Engagement Ring Re-selling (idonowidont.com)

Engagement Ring Re-selling (idonowidont.com)

4. Yournovel.com

This is another unique business founded in the U.S. by a husband and wife; Kathy Newbern and J.S. Fletcher. They offer their customers the chance to be featured in novels that are written in their website and customize the story to fit you as a character in the book. You can even get the cover with your picture. They make money and travel the world together in search of setting for their novels.

5. Doggy Goggles

Doggles are sunglasses made to fit the shape of a dog’s head. The inventor of this idea is Roni Du Lullo who made the first pair for her dog when she realized he was squinting in the sun when they walked. Even the U.S. military uses them for their scout dogs in dessert areas. This unique invention made her a lot of money and continues to be used by even dog owners at home.

Doggy Goggles

Doggy Goggles

The above ideas just go to show you that anyone with a unique idea and good planning can become an entrepreneur.

Do you know of any weird or unique business ideas that surprise you? Share below ^_^

This post appeared originally on the Storymoja Hay Festival Blog


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