5 Important Reasons Your Business Start Up Needs A Blog

As part of your inbound marketing strategy, it’s very important to have a business blog. A blog enables you to provide helpful information to your target audience and therefore, attract them to your brand or business. A lot of small businesses in Kenya have social media pages, some even have websites but have not started business blogs – they have the opinion that they don’t necessarily require a business blog. Some business owners are not sure what to discuss in their blogs; therefore, they do not start one. It is important to know that you NEED a blog for your small business, especially if you are online. I have found that it is not only helpful but necessary in my business. I love to share information about baking with people who bake in Kenya so I do enjoy writing in my bakery blog. I have also found that I attract people who want to learn how to bake, especially with charcoal ovens – which we use in our bakery. Since we offer baking classes now, I am able to attract and engage with potential customers who end up signing up to learn how to bake.

A business blog is important

A business blog is important

1. Your target customers these days are mostly informed buyers who search for information before making purchases for products or services
When you want to buy something or learn about a service you would like to hire someone for, what do you do? You most likely ‘Google’ it right? Well, so does everyone else who goes online. It makes logical sense then, that if you want your target market to find you; you should show up on the search results. They should find you in the first two pages when they search for your particular niche or product/service you offer. Therefore; you should create your blog and share information about your particular industry that will attract the kind of customers you are targeting.

Your target customer is already online

Your target customer is already online

2. It’s an effective inbound marketing method of attracting your target customers
As a small business that uses inbound marketing, having a blog is one of the most effective method of attracting your target customers. When done right, blogging can account for fifty percent and above, of your sales – it does for my baking classes. To succeed, ensure you offer helpful content and use effective blogging strategies e.g. keywords.

Blogging is a big part of inbound marketing (Courtesy: hubspot.com)

Blogging is a big part of inbound marketing (Courtesy: hubspot.com)

3. It’s a way of keeping your customers updated on your business events, news or updates in your products or services.
If you have a new service or product you have introduced in your business; blogging about it is a great and effective idea. You can explain the new product or service more to your customers and how it works. This can even attract potential leads, those who have never really purchased but follow your brand or business, to actual purchase a product or service from your small business.

It's a way to update your customers

It’s a way to update your customers

4. Improves your chances of being ‘found’ online by your target audience, especially if you have good, helpful content
A blog is not usually effective the first few months; you have to post constantly and consistently in order for your business blog to be effective. Therefore, the more you post, the more you increase the chances of your brand or business being found online. It should therefore make sense to get started now on creating your business blog.

Increase your 'findability' online

Increase your ‘findability’ online

5. Creates content you can share on your social networks e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.
If you have social media pages for your business but don’t have a business blog; you will find that you have an issue finding content to share on your social media pages. Blog content is perfect for that purpose. As much as having your blog found on search is a great way of attracting your target audience, sharing your content on social media is also as effective. It’s a great way of sharing new or previous content that your fans and followers may not be aware of. This will also help you be able to engage with your brand followers and get feedback on more information they might want or on the provided content. It also ensures that the more you post on your blog, the more content you will have to share on your social media pages.

Create content you'll share on social media

Create content you’ll share on social media

Those are a few of the top most important reasons you should create a blog for your small business in Kenya. They should be enough to convince you to create that blog as soon as possible if you don’t have one.
If you have more to share on small business blogging especially in Kenya, feel free to comment below.

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