Storymoja Hay Festival Ends! – Bye, Bye,

Great and very honest blog post from an intern. Kudos for being brave and courageous enough to post about it.

Light Fiction in Nairobi

The last time I posted, I was caught up in the thick of the festival. The week after that, I was in an another expo.  I’m finally getting a week to connect with the blog! Trust me, I’m not complaining. Busy is a good place to be.  So, the Storymoja Hay Festival ended. If you came, you must have had a good time.

My highlights from the intern/volunteer side were:

Joanne Ball-Burgess Joanne Ball-Burgess

joanne dancing

Watching Joanne Ball-Burgess dance with the kids.

She’s so much fun, I sneaked time out from my daily post to go watch her.  Her dances were a way to interpret poetry into movement.  I loved the way she flowed, created a rhythm in poetry with just a simple movement.  It was quite inspiring.  It made me think we should definitely choose to dance more than we really do.  A short conversation with her, and she confessed she loved…

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