5 Ways To Build A Positive Corporate Culture In Your Business

I’ve been rather terrible with my content scheduling since last month I will admit, (due to a busier schedule ^_^) and so I’ve decided to follow my own advice – plan ahead and stick to the plan! Today’s post is motivated by three different business cultures that I’ve encountered over the last two months that have highlighted the need for a deliberate organizational culture in any setting; whether an NGO, Church organization, Government organization or business.
I’ve encountered two negative corporate cultures; in a festival setting that I was involved in and a church organization I’m consulting for that’s in transition from one leader to another. I’ve also encountered a very positive and open culture with a vendor I deal with that is very inspiring. This made me realize that whether a business or organization leader chooses to cultivate a culture deliberately or not; a culture forms anyway. If a leader or leaders of a business or organization cultivate a positive culture deliberately, they build a very positive, happy culture and staff that extends to their clients or customers as well. If a leader does not actively promote positive attitudes and perpetuates a negative attitude and actions as well, the organization’s culture becomes a very negative one that also extends to clients, customers and even interns (if such a program exists within the organization). This should motivate any entrepreneur to cultivate a positive business/corporate culture in his/her business for long-term success in the business. Success will be achieved because you will have highly productive employees who are happy and have a positive attitude. This positive attitude will shine through in daily operations to vendors, clients, interns and this will lead to people being satisfied with your business and staying loyal to your brand. Here are a few ways you can build a deliberate positive corporate or organizational culture in your business.

1. Show your employees respect at all times
Many company or organization leaders, especially here in Kenya, don’t show respect to their employees. They like to treat them like lowly servants and show them they are of a lower class, by addressing and treating them in negative ways. This is a colonial and out-dated way of thinking and it’s becoming increasingly ineffective in the management of companies. Many successful companies in the world these days have very positive cultures and focus on ensuring the satisfaction of their work force e.g. Virgin or Hubspot. They realize that happy employees are highly productive and will help you build a successful business. No matter what your position as a leader is in an organization or a business; respect your subordinates, whether you are a manager, department head or even the CEO or founder.

Respect each other

Respect each other

Bottom Line: Treat your employees with respect and dignity as you would treat any other human being and you would like to be treated in kind. Listen to them and do not put them down verbally or otherwise. This will earn the respect of your employees and they will work hard for the company to make it successful.

2. Keep an open line of communication in your business
Are employees afraid to speak up in meetings? Are they afraid to answer honestly when you ask any question? Is it difficult for employees to reach you when they want to discuss a sensitive matter with you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to change the way you communicate with your employees or subordinates. Have brief meetings weekly with your staff to get their opinions on the way the business is running and any challenges they are dealing with daily. Encourage honest feedback on operations and any other issues that concern the business. Employees may share important information on challenges being faced and ways to overcome them in your organization.
Bottom Line: Whether you are a small startup where your staff report directly to you or a larger company where they report to unit or department managers; ensure there is always an open line of communication. This will cultivate a culture of happy employees who feel they are listened to and their opinions are important to the company. They will work hard to make sure your company is a success.

3. Trust your team
If you have hired a team to help you run your business e.g. an accountant, a human resource manager, head of operations, a secretary etc. You have chosen them due to their qualifications, experience and they have showed they work well with minimal supervision and deliver positive results. Don’t micro-manage them, trust them to do their jobs without having to call them or stand over their shoulder every minute to inquire on the progress.

Trust your team (Image: mashable.com)

Trust your team (Image: mashable.com)

Bottom Line: Trust your team to work well and efficiently; monitor them periodically by putting systems in place to check the progress on all operations. Don’t micro-manage.

4. Show accountability
Company leaders are always asking their employees to be accountable for their actions and their work. A good leader leads by action; if you want your staff to be accountable, you should do the same. If you set goals that involve your employees or make any promises in the work place; make sure to work hard and achieve the goals, as well as fulfill your promises. If you’re not able to, communicate the reasons why to your staff and how you intend to deal with the situation effectively.
Bottom Line: Be accountable in your company or small business. Employees feel motivated to be accountable in their work if their leaders are accountable as well.

5. Have fun at work
As a business leader, CEO or founder of your business; you spend 90% (or more) of your time at work. Your employees also spend most of their week at the work place as well. It therefore makes sense to make the working place an easy and fun environment to work at for any individual who works there. It’s alright to loosen up and have some fun while working. You can even plan monthly team building or sports activities that are fun for your employees and will create a bonding experience for the whole company.

keep calm - work hard and have fun poster
Bottom Line: Ensure your employees are having fun at work, but not at the expense of professionalism or your company’s business goals.

These are just a few ways of creating a positive corporate/organizational culture for your business in order to ensure success for your company as well as your employees.
If you have any other suggestions feel free to comment below.

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