6 Steps To Holding A Productive Meeting

As a manager in your start-up business; you will find that as your team grows, you will need to have weekly or monthly meetings. It’s also important to have meetings with either your co-founders or investors that are involved in your business.

Productive meetings are the best

Productive meetings are the best

I have found that some meetings can be very long-winded and at the end, attendees find that they have not really achieved anything. This is highly unproductive and quite a waste of time (I’ve been in my share of useless meetings ^_^). As I’ve been attending and holding some meetings myself; I’ve gradually discovered some tips that work, as well as the ones that don’t. I want to share six tips that I’ve found assist towards having a productive meeting.
1. State your agendas and set a time limit for the meeting

Set your agenda for the meeting

Set your agenda for the meeting

If you’re holding a meeting; make sure you set agendas for the meeting. State specific agendas that will be discussed in the meeting; however, keep it to a minimum of 7 to 10. Too many agendas can make the meeting very long. It’s also important to set a time limit for your meeting, my goal for all meetings is to keep them between thirty to forty five minutes long. If it’s a meeting that involves many departments and many agendas; try and keep it to a minimum of two hours. The longer a meeting is; the harder it is to maintain focus – for both the attendees and yourself as well.

2. Set objectives for the meeting

Each meeting should have goals or objectives to be achieved. Try and keep them as simple as possible; and as few as possible. I would advise a maximum of three objectives. The reason that you should set objectives is so that you are able to see if you have had a meaningful meeting or whether you just wasted the attendees’ time. It also gives your meeting focus, or a direction that you will not stray from.
3. Make sure only the required members attend the meeting

Pizza for meeting attendees only - no crashing ^_^!

Pizza for meeting attendees only – no crashing ^_^!

This is a very important aspect of holding a productive meeting; as well as a very popular one. It’s been written that the late Steve Jobs had a ‘pizza rule’ for all Apple meetings. Each meeting had only enough people to be fed by two pizzas. This ensured that there were no unnecessary attendees in the meeting who didn’t need to be there. Make sure only the required people attend your meeting for utmost productivity.
4. Give all the attendees the agendas, objectives and time limit ahead
Make sure you share the agendas and the set time limit to all the attendees at least one day ahead. This allows them to be prepared for the meeting and be aware of the time they have to discuss the agendas. It also allows the attendees to be accountable for the time spent in the meeting.
5. Make sure you keep time and stick to the set agendas during the meeting
When you’re running the meeting; make sure that you keep the time that was set on the agendas and on discussion topics. During meetings; it’s very often that attendees stray from the set agendas and the discussions go out of hand. If that happens during your meeting; set the new discussion as another agenda for another day and steer the discussion back to the right agenda. If there is an attendee who takes too long on his/her agenda or discussion topic; let them know they have a limited time and urge them to wind up.
6. Check to see if you have achieved your objectives & get feedback from the attendees

Get feedback on objectives achieved

Get feedback on objectives achieved

As you wind up your meeting; check your objectives to see if you have achieved your goals. Ask feedback from the attendees and see if they feel that the objectives have been achieved. This will assist you in realizing whether your meeting was productive and if improvements need to be made the next time. This is an important part of the meeting process; make sure you don’t ignore this step.
Those are just a few ways to ensure you hold productive meetings; no matter how small or large a meeting is, these steps will be effective.
Do you have any other tips that help you have more productive meetings? Feel free to comment below and share.
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