Fried Chicken Legs with Breadcrumbs

For the past Christmas holiday, I tried a simple and classic recipe; fried chicken with bread crumbs – as always it was delicious ^_^!

Everyone loved it, the whole family stuffed themselves over Christmas dinner – so I figured i should share; hope y’all love it.

Fried Chicken coated with breadcrumbs - Delish!

Fried Chicken coated with breadcrumbs – Delish!


  • 7 Pcs Chicken Legs
  • 500gms Breadcrumbs
  • 2 pcs Eggs – beaten in a plate
  • 1 T dried herbs
  • 1t Salt
  • Vegetable oil for frying


  1. Boil the chicken legs until cooked inside; for about 45 minutes to an hour. Drain them in a colander.
  2. Take a medium frying pan and pour vegetable oil about 1/3 full. Heat it on a gas cooker (or if you’re living la vida Cookswell like me, an energy saving jiko ^_^).
  3. In a plate, pour your bread crumbs, salt and herbs and mix with a spoon. Clean a medium tray and set aside.

    Coat the chicken in breadcrumbs

    Coat the chicken in breadcrumbs

  4. Take one chicken leg at a time, dry it with a clean dry cloth or kitchen towel. Dip it in the beaten egg mix, then into the breadcrumbs mixture. Place the prepared chicken pieces on the clean dry tray.

    Chicken ready to cook - while sipping on some Sangria ^_^

    Chicken ready to cook – while sipping on some Sangria ^_^

  5. When your oil is ready, place two or three pieces of chicken into the pan one at a time with tongs – be careful not to burn yourself.

    Fry your chicken and then dig into it!

    Fry your chicken and then dig into it!

  6. Fry each side for at least 5 minutes or until golden brown; then turn and fry the other side until golden brown as well.
  7. Remove the chicken pieces from the pan and place into a colander to drain excess oil or a tray lined with kitchen towels or serviettes to absorb excess oil.
  8. Serve the chicken with your meal ready to eat. Enjoy!

Let me know what you think of the dish when you try it out – Bon Appetit ^_^!

6 Essential Websites for any Start-up Entrepreneur in Kenya

As a start up entrepreneur, life can be very hectic and one has to look for many ways to manage everyday life and ensure he/she is being productive. As an entrepreneur in Kenya, I have found that there are websites that are essential for everyday success in my small business. I use them everyday and they are vital to my success as a business person. The websites range from inspirational to informational, others are about design and marketing automation. I have shared my top six picks that I believe every start up entrepreneur in Kenya should use to improve their productivity. They are truly helpful to me, I hope they help you as well.

1. Google

Google is a one stop shop for many useful apps & functions

Google is a one stop shop for many useful apps & functions

Google is a great website that helps you in many ways. The much obvious function is Gmail, the email service that Google provides for free. It’s also the way you sign up to any other Google app or service. Google also provides its users with ‘Google Drive’, which is a cloud storage function where the user can save any files and can access them anywhere as long as they sign in to their account. Google also has its own social media platform – Google + which each user has access to as long as they sign in. Another social platform for sharing videos is ‘You Tube’ which is also accessed by Google users. If you have a smart phone, you can also access Google Play Store which is an app store. For directions on different locations, there is Google maps. You can also sign in to Blogger, which is a blog service offered by Google.  I can honestly say that I could not function daily without the different Google services since I use them daily in my business.

2. Canva

Canvas screenprint for KTL Blog

Edit your photos at

Canva offers picture editing services for free. You can edit your pictures in different ways before sharing them. It allows you to add text, water-mark your blog pictures, crop, add frames, backgrounds and many more functions. I love this website since it’s free and offers many options. You can sign up for a paid version of Canva if you feel it’s worth the investment, especially if your business is mainly visual based or even if you want more access to photo editing features.

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is great for social media management

Hootsuite is great for social media management

Hootsuite is a social media management platform. You can sign up for free and get an account, you can also use your Facebook, Google or Twitter accounts to sign up for it. I especially use it for scheduling posts for my business Twitter accounts. You can also use it to schedule your Facebook posts (however it’s good to know that Facebook also offers you the function of scheduling posts on your business page as well). I like using it because you can also keep track of  any mentions on Twitter about your business. You can also track any hashtags you want to stay updated on. They also have a paid version as your business expands. It offers analytics on all social media pages, you can have more social media pages to track as well as include other team members to run your social media and engage with your customers as well.

4. Bitly

Bitly is great for tracking links

Bitly is great for tracking links

Bitly is a website that offers the service of shortening your links and tracking them as well. It’s a free service and you can sign in using Facebook or Twitter accounts. Bitly shortens your long links for websites or blog posts to assist you especially when posting online. For example, when posting on Twitter, instead of using a long link that will use a lot of much needed character space on your Tweet, you shorten it to something manageable; like this -> As your business grows, you can sign up for the paid version that helps businesses manage and shape their brand as it grows.

5. Hubspot

Hubspot provides advice on Inbound marketing

Hubspot provides advice on Inbound marketing

Hubspot is a company that offers inbound marketing software, you can purchase their software if you have a large online based business (this is definitely my plan as my business grows ^_^). However for those of us who cannot pay for it yet, they offer advice on how to use inbound marketing in your business. I signed up for their newsletters to receive emails on their blog posts everyday. Hubspot is the leader in inbound marketing in the world, they are not only pros on the topic, they have marketing scientists who constantly research and keep track of what is working in the industry. They not only provide great advice on inbound marketing, they even give free e-books, e-mail templates, content calendar templates and many more essential tools used by marketers.  As an entrepreneur who uses inbound marketing in Kenya for my business; I would advice anyone who wants to start or is using inbound marketing to use Hubspot’s resources.

6. Addicted2Success

This is a great motivational website

This is a great motivational website

Addicted2Success is an inspirational website by Joel Brown. It started as a blog to give entrepreneurs inspiration and motivation; it has grown to be a very popular website. I love reading this site because it offers quotes and advice from successful entrepreneurs who share their insight into their lives and motivation. It also offers advice on being a more productive person, thinking for success, picture quotes and other pieces of advice that an entrepreneur constantly needs. You can sign up for the newsletter to receive updates on posts.

I hope the above websites are useful to you as they are to me. If you know of any other websites that are helpful to entrepreneurs in Kenya, please share below.

Keep the faith and achieve success ^_^


4 Ways to De-Stress as a Young Entrepreneur

Many a times you can have a long day, week or even month that seems to have one problem after another. It may seem like an endless stream of problems (I can definitely relate to that as a start-up entrepreneur). This is not particularly a good trend to follow, you can get very De-motivated and stressed. This can translate to bad moods and attitude that can affect the way you deal with your employees or even at home.

It is therefore imperative to take a step back and as I call it, “de-stress”. This helps you reflect a bit, take a breather and look at things in a different perspective. De-stressing will help you get back into a positive mind set and help avoid burn-out. Here are a few exercises/activities that I believe will help out (I know they definitely help me).

  1. Deep Breathing Exercises

    Sometimes you can have a moment of great anger or anxiety while dealing with a difficult customer, vendor or employee. Instead of yelling at the individual, it’s imperative to take a few deep breaths, at least 10, and calm down. It reduces the stress and helps you make a decision while calm. You can also just excuse yourself and step away from the situation and go outside or into your office. Take 10 deep breaths; where you inhale deeply into your lungs and exhale all the air completely. Do this slowly while counting your breaths and you’ll find that you have calmed down considerably. Just relax for a few minutes and try not to think of the situation at hand. I have done this numerous times before and it always works for me (you see I have a bit of a temper 🙂 ). It helps you think straight and make wiser, rational decisions.

    Deep breathing exercises are a great way to reduce stress and calm down

    Deep breathing exercises are a great way to reduce stress and calm down

  2. Work Out

    If you have been having a stressful time in general and you don’t workout, I would suggest starting a workout regiment. Most entrepreneurs that workout, have a better handle on stress and are less likely to burn-out. Working out releases endorphins into your body, these are ‘feel good’ hormones. That is why you feel like you’re ‘top of the world’ at the end of your workout. Workouts help you focus on your body for that period of time where you don’t think of your stress. You’re then able to deal with challenges you encounter with clarity, and in a logical and calm manner.

    Working out helps you de-stress (Courtesy:

    Working out helps you de-stress (Courtesy:

  3. Visit a beautiful place that calms you

    We human beings are very visual creatures, that is why a lot of times a change of scenery helps you relax and de-stress. Sometimes going to a beautiful, calm place can help you relax and be able to free your mind for a moment or two. When I have the opportunity to do so myself, I usually do and it’s very relaxing (entrepreneurs have a knack for finding places like these ^_^) I have a friend who’s a photographer and he loves going to the top of the K.I.C.C. Building in Nairobi CBD. He says it relaxing and exhilarating; it literally makes him feel ‘top of the world’. If you can, you can also just drive to a place like Ngong Hills and just enjoy the environment. It’s very beautiful and peaceful. There are different places you can go, maybe, Arboretum park, or any park near you. Depending on your personal preference, visit a beautiful place that calms you and makes you feel positive and relaxed. You’ll be glad you did ^_^!

    Visit Ngong Hills, a very beautiful & calming place (Courtesy:

    Visit Ngong Hills, a very beautiful & calming place (Courtesy:

  4. Find a Hobby or Activity you love and do it.

    I am aware that most entrepreneurs base their businesses on something they are passionate about and love doing, so you’re favorite activity could be what you do in your business. However, you can still do it in a personal, non-business setting in order to enjoy it fully without any pressure of results. I love baking and I own a baking business, however, when I want to de-stress I try out new recipes at home just for family tasting and it helps me relax and just enjoy the activity. You can also find that there are many other activities you love doing that help you relax and enjoy yourself. These are the activities that you should choose a time to do them and just relax and enjoy. Some people love photography, others love dancing, driving, gardening, stamp collecting, singing, and many more activities you can choose from. Just make sure it’s something you love doing. It will provide the ‘de-stressing’ that you need to get going positively ^_^!

    Photography is a great hobby (

    Photography is a great hobby (

I hope that these four tips will give you ideas on how to ‘de-stress’ and get back to a calm and positive state of mind. All the best with your activities and hobbies.

Make sure you have fun ^_^!


6 Workouts that are Hassle-free for a Kenyan Entrepreneur to adopt

As an entrepreneur, sometimes your schedule can be so jam-packed that there seems to be no time for working out. However, I believe that working out is necessary for and entrepreneur, not just for obvious reasons like staying in shape. It helps you get a moment of just focusing on your well-being; you feel great after the workout as well as refreshed and energetic. It’s very advisable to stay healthy and energetic as an entrepreneur.

I have been personally lazy since late last year, I stopped working out for a while, I let myself get de-motivated due to the many issues I was having with my business and I want to get back on track. It’s also very necessary since as a baker, I do love to sample my baked goods (love handles anyone? ^_^). So I’ve decided to look up my options for exercises that I can adopt and incorporate into my schedule. I want to make sure I stick with them and stay motivated.

I’ll share six workout ideas that you can alternate weekly or monthly, so one can stay motivated and on track. They are easy as well as budget friendly (for us youth entrepreneurs that don’t have a budget for gym memberships ^_^).

1. Power – Walking

I like this workout because it’s easy and anyone can do it. You can incorporate power-walking in your everyday life. You can decide to put aside 20 to 50 minutes and power-walk daily. Just choose the time of day that’s optimal for you. You can also decide to power-walk when you get a chance at any time of your day that you’re walking. For example, for me when I alight at the stage, the distance between the stage and home is about a 15 minute walk. So I choose to power-walk and it gives me a 10 minute workout. It’s a very economical and easy way to get you started if you haven’t been working out at all (or slacked like some of us ^_^).



Power-walking is a great Workout (

2. Jogging

This is another workout that is easy to incorporate into your schedule, you can allot 30 minutes to 1 hour in your daily schedule to do it. This is the next step from power-walking; you can combine it with your power-walking workout when you feel you’re comfortable enough to do it. For example, if you workout 3 days a week for 50 minutes each time; you can power-walk for 20 minutes, jog for 10 minutes, then power-walk the final 20 minutes. You can gradually build up to jogging the entire workout when you feel that you can manage it.

This is another hassle-free, economic workout that you can make time for and you won’t regret it. If you are not easily motivated to do it (sometimes I will admit guilt to feeling so), you can choose a workout partner. Jogging with someone else gives you an extra push and accountability as well. I used to jog with my sister and we would motivate each other to wake up and do it. Choose someone who you can rely on to motivate you.


Jogging is another great workout (courtesy:

3. Cycling

This is another effective aerobic exercise that is great for your body. I’ve included this workout for the cycling enthusiasts, and I have personally noted that there is quite a number of them in Kenya. I once had a delivery guy for my Bakery that cycled daily, it was a passion for him. It also kept him in great shape and he was very energetic (which made him a great employee). So if you own a bicycle, and maybe you don’t really use it often; or if you stopped using it, please take it up again. It makes a great and effective workout. You can just put aside 30 to 50 minutes a few days a week for cycling and you’ll get your weekly workout.


Cycling is also a great working (

4. Swimming

This is another great aerobic workout for those who know and love how to swim. I’m proud to say I am one of those people ^_^. I have been swimming since I was five years old and I fell in love with it (it helps that I love water!) I even once dreamed of being an olympic swimmer ^_^ (I apparently love baking more though). I have not been swimming as much as I used to (yes I know that I’m a total slacker 😦 – this will change!)  I have however told myself I will make a point of at least incorporating it into my monthly workout. You can start slowly, maybe once or twice a month, then increase as you’re able to; depending on proximity to the swimming pool and budget. If you have a pool in your home – no excuses please!


You can adopt swimming as one of your workout activities (

You can go to the nearest public pool and find out their rates; daily & monthly, and inquire on their hours as well. If they do give monthly, seasonal discounts or passes find out and if you can – sign up. If you’re closer to the Nairobi CBD, you can visit the YMCA and find out their hours and rates. If you are near the Lavington area; Methodist Guest house have a pool as well.  Plan 40 minutes to 1 hour for your workout and you’re good to go. Swimming is a great workout because it’s a great alternative for people with joint or back problems, as well as anyone with rheumatism or arthritis since it’s a low-impact exercise.

5. Aerobics Classes or DVDs

This is another favorite of mine, especially the DVDs. You can choose any aerobic exercise that is on DVD to start working out with. I like them because it’s like being in a class, but at the comfort of your home (no one will be judging your moves for those shy people ^_^). You can choose just regular aerobic classes, Tae Bo, Kick-boxing, etc. However, make sure you start with a beginner level DVD and then work up to intermediate and then to advanced. This is for the good of your health (you don’t want to break your leg in the process of getting fit and healthy). The DVDs are usually very instructional and move with your speed as you begin and gradually advance. My personal favorites are the Billy Blanks Tae Bo DVDs. I’m a fan and have been using their different DVDs for over 3 years. Choose whichever type of aerobic exercise that fits you, keeps you motivated and you will stick with it. These DVDs are a great way of varying your weekly workouts so as not to get bored and lose motivation. They can be purchased in DVD stores or online.


Tae Bo Workouts are great and effective (Courtesy:

You can also find different gyms or studios that offer aerobic exercises that you can join if your budget allows it. Classes are good because you are motivated by the group’s energy and they are scheduled so it’s hard to miss them (especially when you’re paying for them). Visit your nearby gym and find out the rates and schedules for the classes and sign up.


Sign up for aerobics classes (

6. Dancing

Now I know most people love dancing, I most certainly do! The dance workout concept is a great one since it takes a fun activity that is loved by most and makes it an effective workout. There are different ways you can do this; you can buy dance DVDs that offer different workout styles e.g. Zumba, Tango, Salsa, Rumba, Belly-dancing, etc. There are also a large number of gyms & studios in Kenya that offer dance classes. You can choose your dance style depending on your budget and preference. it’s a fun way to exercise and keep the variety in your workout routine.


Belly Dancing is another fun & effective dance workout (Courtesy:


Learn how to Salsa! (Courtesy:

I hope all these ideas will be helpful to any entrepreneur in Kenya out there looking for a hassle-free way to get back into their workout or start, in order to stay healthy, fit and energetic.

If you have any other suggestions for workouts, or know any gyms or class locations in Kenya, please feel free to add them below.

Keep fit and stay motivated ^_^!

3 Ways of being an accountable leader that young women can look up to

Very recently, two separate incidents disappointed me on the current state of our Kenyan Women leaders. I decided to share a few ideas on how I believe women leaders should behave in order to inspire young women in this country. Since our youth desperately needs Kenyan role models and they are not easy to find amongst our leaders.

The first incident was the voting of the marriage bill in parliament. The women representatives who were in parliament that day walked out to show their displeasure of the bill. My main point is not really the marriage bill but the women leaders’ actions. First, only 13 women representatives were present that day to dispute the bill and when they didn’t get their way, they walked off. I later heard from another male member of parliament who stated two facts; once, there are a total of 68 women reps in the parliament (where were the other 55?). Second, none of the women had presented any amendments to the bill during the period of time they had been given to do so if they didn’t agree with the bill in any way (Why? If they had been so vehemently against it?). If we as women want to make a difference, I believe that we should take steps to amend or change laws in our favor, or at least to be fair to us. I don’t believe we should panic and protest at the last minute, scream and storm off when people don’t listen to us or we don’t have our way. It gives all women a bad name and this behavior coming from our leaders is a bad reflection of the women that we youth are supposed to be looking up to.

The second incident was of a nominated female senator, who was caught in the recent police crackdown of drunk driving, they were administering the alco-blow test and arresting the drivers that did not pass. There are several things wrong with this incident. It is not only sad that a leader was caught drinking and driving, it is tragic that it was a woman leader. Leaders are the ones who put laws in place, such as ‘no drinking and driving’ in order to save Kenyan lives. They should therefore ‘try’ and lead by example. Also, as a woman who is quite possibly a mother, she should reduce her risk of mortality by being careful in life, why would you put yourself in a position that endangers your life and those of your fellow Kenyans when you know the statistics yourself? This two incidents have made me sad because it is blatantly obvious that young women seriously lack women leaders to look up to in Kenya. So I’ve decided that we as ladies should start making a difference and leading by example from the grass-root level. I’m sure we can make a difference to each other in this way. We don’t have to be political leaders or hold great positions to be leaders in our community.

Here are a few simple and important ways you can be an accountable leader that your peers and youth as well, can look up to.

1. Lead by Example

This is a very obvious way of being accountable. If you’re preaching to people how to be better citizens, you should show them that you do it as well. People are more likely to choose and follow a person who does as they preach. Therefore; if you tell people not to drink and drive, make sure that if you do happen to go out and drink; call a taxi cab and arrange for your car to be picked up later. You can also sign-up with driving services that offer the service of taking you home in their cars as well as driving your car home following behind you. This ensures that both you and your car arrive home safely. There are many ways of leading by example and it’s a great way for leaders to help out and influence youth out there.


Wangari Maathai led by example-she planted trees (

2. Stick To your Principles

I believe that everyone has principles they believe in. These are what guide our decision-making in every important aspect of our lives. However, there are tough times in our lives that our principles are questioned and these are very important and life-changing moments in one’s life. It can be very hard, but I believe that no matter what, sticking to your principles makes you a great and inspirational person, one that anyone can look up to. It is these times when you are tested that you should stick closely to your principles. A lot of Kenyan leaders have failed in these opportunities, especially in certain cases where they choose either money and positions instead of sticking to their principles. I think that we young women should emulate a great leader such as Wangari Maathai (may she rest in peace). She always stood by what she believed in and was willing to suffer and sacrifice for it.


Wangari Maathai protested for the environmental future she wanted and believed in (courtesy:

She stood by her principles and even though it was a long journey for her, she was able to achieve many goals for her cause and was recognized for it. Our female leaders should take a page from her book.

3. Listen and learn from those who support you

This may sound easy but as we’ve all seen from our Kenyan politics, a great example being our MPs (Member of Parliaments), this doesn’t always happen. It is very important to learn from your fans, voters, employees, supporters etc. (whether you’re a  celebrity, politician, business person or just a regular person). People who support you and have helped you get to where you are have your best interests at heart. So it is wise to listen to their problems, advice or queries and try to understand them; if possible, solve them. You should never believe that you are above anyone, I believe we are all equal. I believe that one can learn from customers (even the ones complaining), from people at the grass-root level, from C.E.O.s, elderly people and even very young children. All you have to do is be willing to listen and learn.


Oprah is an influential woman leader who is very good at listening to people

I believe if our Kenyan leaders did so, they would make an even greater impact in our society and youth would most definitely look up to them for sure.

I believe if we can start with these three simple ways, we can be very influential leaders in our area, business or homes. If you have any other comments or suggestions on how a leader can be accountable, Please feel free to comment below.

Now go out there and start leading by example people ^_^!