5 Target Audiences that Authorpreneurs in Kenya Can Select for Their Books

If you are a fiction writer in Kenya and you decide to become an authorpreneur, you might wonder how to get started. The best thing to do when you decide to become one, is to think exactly how you would if you were starting a business – because technically, that’s what you’re doing. Therefore; it would make sense to select a target market for your book. The reason why you should select a target market for your writing is because, no business or brand can be able to cater for the needs of everyone at the same time; therefore, it makes sense to select a specific group of readers in whom you can concentrate on and produce material which will interest and attract them. This will in turn lead them to purchase more of your books. As a writer, the way to select a target audience is by selecting a genre to write in; maybe you already write in a specific genre already – that’s wonderful. However if you don’t really have any one genre you write in, you need to select one in which you will be writing the fiction material you intend to market. This will help you in focusing your marketing and sales activities which will in turn, save you costs and resources which you will allocate effectively in the right platforms.
Here are some genres you can choose to write in and can even be focused to a specific geographical location if you wish to focus your target audience.

1. Romance
This is the highest selling genre in fiction writing (Romance Writer’s of America Association’s reported figures of Simba Information Estimates) and a lot of self-published writers in Kenya basically write in this genre. You can choose to write in this genre and focus on your target audience more by choosing to write Romantic Comedy; which is a light-hearted story detailing a romantic story and complications that arise in relationships. You can also choose to write a Historical Romance, which is a romantic story in a historical setting. You can also choose to focus on geographical setting, such as Romance in Nairobi, where you write a romantic story detailing a relationship that is based mainly in Nairobi where the characters meet. A great example of a fiction writer in Kenya who writes in this genre is Elly Kamari on her blog. This is a great audience to target since most romance readers are loyal fans; if they read from a talented author who satisfies them, they stay loyal to the author and constantly buy their books when published. Great examples of international authors with loyal readers in this genre are Danielle Steel and Nora Roberts.

Danielle Steel is one of the top Romance authors internationally

Danielle Steel is one of the top Romance authors internationally

2. Crime/Mystery
This is another top selling genre in fiction writing as international authors such as John Grisham can attest to with also a large loyal following (myself included – I have read all his books but one; and it was because it was not in his usual genre). This is usually a story detailing a crime that is commissioned or the investigation of a crime and the solution. For those readers who are not fans of romance, you will find that a majority of those audiences will choose to read mystery novels. There is quite a large following of mystery novel readers in Kenya and it’s another genre that would do well. You can choose to focus it once again by choosing a geographical location such as East Africa or Africa itself to create a niche for yourself as an authorpreneur in Kenya.

3. Horror
This is also in the top five selling genres in the world, the fifth to be specific (Romance Writer’s of America Association’s reported figures of Simba Information Estimates). It also has quite a following not only internationally but in the Kenyan audience as well. I was a die-hard Stephen King fan in my teenage years and read most of his books; I was fascinated by the genre. It has a particularly loyal audience that search out authors who become popular or are great writers; you would not lack for a market in this genre. If you don’t already know, Horror Fiction is about a story that incorporates supernatural and/or inexplicable elements and is intended to arouse fear and dread. A Kenyan who writes in this genre is Peter Nena on his Demogorgon Fiction Blog, he has very detailed stories that evoke dread and horror to his readers; his stories keep you at the edge of your seat.

4. Fantasy Fiction
This is a rather broad genre that can be focused into other specific genres due to its popularity and diversity. Fantasy fiction often details a story involving imaginary beings in the real world or in an alternate reality and assuming suspension of disbelief about magic and/or supernatural powers. This is an appropriate description for the book series – Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling. There are readers who like a fantastical twist to fiction and it’s a large audience out there as well; therefore, you can pick this genre, write in it and make it your own.

The 'Harry Potter' book series by J.K.Rowling is a very popular Fantasy fiction genre

The ‘Harry Potter’ book series by J.K.Rowling is a very popular Fantasy fiction genre

5. Science Fiction
Science Fiction is about stories that feature how science and technological advances affect individuals and civilizations. This is another genre that has a loyal audience internationally and even in Kenya. I also went through a science fiction phase myself and was an avid Arthur C. Clarke reader for about two years. If you like writing in this genre, you most definitely have an audience out there and you can once again, focus your niche in Africa if you wish to create your own niche.

Now that you know five target audiences you can write for, go out there and start connecting with them. Start your journey on becoming a successful authorpreneur in Kenya.

This post was originally published on the Storymoja Hay Festival Blog.

4 Reasons You Should Attend the Storymoja Hay Festival If You Live In Nairobi

The Storymoja Hay Festival is drawing near; it runs from September 17th to 21st. You may be asking yourself;
‘What’s the big deal?’, ‘Why Should I Attend It?’, ‘Isn’t it just another Festival in Nairobi anyway?’
Well, I’m here to answer all those questions. You may think that if you don’t write fiction or work in that industry, you have no business attending the festival. I’m here to tell you that it should be on the top of your to do list in September, especially if you live in Nairobi – you have no excuse. I’ll share just a few reasons why you should attend and why you won’t regret doing so.

1. It’s a vibrant gathering of the greatest minds in Kenya and beyond – celebrating ideas and culture.
If you have read books, you know the power that they hold within them. They inspire our imagination, creativity, dreams and aspirations. The authors who pen those great books are the ones who awaken these emotions within us that drive us to either; be better individuals, want a better life or to imagine and create great things. Imagine if you were told that a collection of those authors are going to be meeting somewhere where they will speak and interact with you- for five days? Wouldn’t you want to join that conversation? Well, that’s what Storymoja Hay Festival is about. Bringing together great Kenyan and other African writers together to speak about their ideas and discuss culture with you. Even Nobel Laureate Professor Wole Soyinka will be there! Now I bet you want to just get that ticket and start counting down the days.

Prof. Wole Soyinka (Courtesy: Storymoja)

Prof. Wole Soyinka (Courtesy: Storymoja)

2. It’s a great way for any aspiring fiction writer to gain knowledge and confidence.
Are you a writer? Have you been writing in journals or notebooks, short fiction stories for as long as you can remember? Maybe you never thought it would amount to anything, but you still find that to this day you still write. Well, you have to definitely go to the Festival. If you’re not sure how to get started on writing and need inspiration; Storymoja Hay Festival will help with that. Not only do you get to meet great authors who will share their experiences; you can sign up for a Storymoja Festival Masterclass where you will have a three hour session with a great thought leader who will lead a session about a topic such as ‘Fiction for Beginners’. The great thing is that it’s not a class where you are lectured; you actually get to have a discussion – session leader and participants. That ensures that all your questions will be answered and it will encourage your creativity to the utmost. So make sure you sign up for one of those Masterclasses to ensure you make the most of the Festival and I’m sure you’ll be writing to your audience in no time!

3. It’s a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to gain more insight on writing for business
Are you an entrepreneur? I bet you’re thinking; ‘What? How’s that going to help me in my business?’ Well, as an entrepreneur myself, I’m here to tell you that it’s a must attend for any entrepreneur in Kenya who uses inbound marketing in their business. Inbound is content marketing and involves a lot of writing; this is done in order to attract and engage your customers. What better way to learn more about writing than from a professional writer? If you can make the time, you can even sign up for a Storymoja Masterclass that discusses Guerrilla Marketing or one about Blogging – perfect for you if you have a business blog. I know I’m definitely signing up to know more about marketing – anything to take my business writing to the next level. So make sure you get your advanced ticket and mark those dates on your calendars entrepreneurs! Not convinced yet? Hmmm…I know just the thing.

Get more insight as a blogger for business

Get more insight as a blogger for business

4. Entertainment galore and celebrities you definitely want to see.
There will be entertainment too – Sauti Sol will be there (I know you’re very impressed ^_^). There will be poets, for the poetry lovers, such as Clifton Gachagua. Jeff Koinange will be there; it’s always interesting to hear what he has to say- as an author, journalist and an entrepreneur as well. Writer, satirist and humorist Oyunga Pala will be there; I know you’ve seen his articles in the newspapers. All kinds of artistic individuals from other genres will be there as well such as award-winning photographer Boniface Mwangi whose powerful photos have touched many; not only in Kenya but internationally as well. It will definitely be worth it to attend the Storymoja Hay Festival.

Sauti Sol Band will be there

Sauti Sol Band will be there

It’s going to be held in an easy access location – the Nairobi National Museum and it runs for five days so you can schedule time well and make it there for at least one of those days. It’s also a great activity to plan for one day on that weekend in which you can go with your friends, colleagues, family (great for kids as well) or just visit by yourself. I know that you are very convinced right now and that is why you will head over to the website and click to buy tickets. You will enjoy a free pre-registered Masterclass if you do so right away.

See you there ^_^

This post was published originally on the Storymoja Hay Festival Blog.

Volunteering at the Storymoja Hay Festival Nairobi

Since I am volunteering to be one of the Storymoja Hay Festival bloggers for this year, I want to share this blog post by my sister who is also volunteering for the actual Festival preparation. I know this will be fun and can’t wait. Wish me luck y’all ^_^